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Makeup tips for your little kiddo

Have you seen your little baby surrounded by different makeup items on the floor or in front of the mirror? Maybe he/she is in love with your makeup kit or actually dreaming of becoming a public icon. To make your child’s dream shine we have some tips that will help you-

  1. Buy safe Many cosmetics are not regulated by the standards parents might expect, including those labeled 'natural' and 'organic,  Shop for the fewest ingredients items, and avoid ingredients that you think are dangerous. Check the Skin Deep database of the Environmental Working Group, where you can search for goods by brand name or product category, and pick products based on safety scores.


        2. Less is good

The comfort of wearing makeup is very important for your little one. For a preteen, start with lipgloss, maybe. Add the powder base or other items over time. With dark lipstick and eyeliner, don't dive in.


  1. Keep an eye on skin irritation. 

The cosmetic reaction may be as mild as the redness of the skin or as extreme as hives and swelling. Delete the substance if they do, and don't use it again. Send your child antihistamines and call the doctor in case of hives or swelling. Allergic reactions that occur on the face of your child can spread to his or her airways.


  1. Go easy on acne-prone skin:

Steer away from strong, oil-based products that can make acne, eczema, and other sensitive skin worse, especially creams, lotions, and foundations. For acne, use an oil-free concealer.


  1. Maintaining a healthy skin regimen:

The skincare routine of an adolescent should be handled with care.


  1. A mild cleanser:

Should be used every day for skin cleansing.

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