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Weddings in 2021 Trending Dream Attires

With the everchanging trend, weddings are also taking a turn and so your dream dress. Imagine wearing something out of the box, different from what we usually see in a normal wedding- the reds and the goldens. The more you fascinate, the more your fashion changes. That’s why it is important to look at the ‘Trending world’ once in a while.

This while is now! Here are some of the cool and hot trends that will make you wish for more.


  1. Full Sleeves, classy right?

Winter comes with a full sleeve attitude, let's face it with some more. Full sleeved with a tinch of some network will make you look real classy.

        2. Lace with Lace

Every time you see a lacey pattern on a cake, ever wished it on your dress too? This lacy collection will bring an extra oomph to your already gorgeous Lehengas.

        3. Tiers on the floor

Modern-day dresses are behaving in tiers. It's time to level up your game and add some tiers to elevate your sense of Barbieness.

        4. Cocktail mix

Now the flavor of your favorite cocktail mix is trending in wedding attires. Add some nudes or hues to the dress and you are ready.

        5. Geometry love

Love geometry designs on paper. Have it for real in the new Geometric pattern trend that will make everyone awestruck!  

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